Sunday Reset Routine No. 1 |

Here is what a typical sunday routine looks like for me. It is not always the same but I definitely try to stay consistent with my habits. I work from home which allows me a lot of time to do things throughout the week but sunday is like a reset day to ensure my week is not crazy and chaotic because with working from home, school and having a toddler, It can get crazy pretty fast. 

-morning and evening cycling

I've recently started back cycling because I use to do it all the time! I have the peloton app and I have a cycling bike from amazon and I like to take a class in the morning and a class at night. It has been great so far.

- gratitude journal

Writing is always a must, I've been writing since I was a child and it's a great way to start off your sunday and any day of the week. This is the journal I've been using, it's from marshalls but they literally have all types of gratitude journals. I always switch it up depending on the mood, some days I want to just write and some days I like a more guided journal like this one. 

- wash and dry clothes/ laundry

Is it just me or does laundry feel like an everlasting daily thing. I feel like I do laundry so much lol

-clean the house

Cleaning on a sunday is a must. I have to start the week with a clean house and space. I like to put on  good vinyl and get to cleaning. 

- wash bedding

I wash my bedding/sheets once a week. I also never go to bed without showering because laying down dirty on clean sheets sound gross.

-hang up toddlers clothes and organize toys

my sons room is coming along but I love looking at his little clothes in his closet. It always reminds me that one day they won't be this small. It makes me so sad so I really enjoy hanging up his little clothes.

-meal plan

I usually take this time to plan some meals for the week. I might not meal prep but I like to know what I'm cooking and what things I need to buy. I will wash and prep things like cucumbers or fruits just so its is easier to grab and go throughout the week.

-clean out my kitchen dump bowl

I have a kitchen dump bowl that I empty at least once a week. It has helped me keep small thing off the counter and then I can just put it back when I'm able to. 

-prep overnight oatmeal bowl

I'm going to do a separate post on how I make my overnight oats but I love these for monday mornings. i don't have them all the time but for some reason i like them on mondays. 

-plan my week

Of course I like to plan my week and schedule any activities I want to do with my toddler as well as stay on top of my bills and homework etc, I take a few minutes, typically at night to go over my week. It helps in the long run with knowing what is planned.

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