33 Kind & Gentle Things To Say To Yourself

How you speak about yourself, and the things you say to yourself matter. I am a firm believer in always speaking highly of yourself even on your worst days. Everything in life is happening for you to experience and gain knowledge and learn new things about life. As we navigate through life and navigate through the easiest of times and the toughest of times it's always important to speak to yourself in a positive way and have the most grace for yourself. Don't fall into beating yourself up over bad decisions or things that are not in our control. We have to learn to have more grace with ourselves, so here are 33 kind and gentle things to say to yourself.

1. You look hot and amazing

2. I appreciate and value me

3. I am doing an amazing job

4. I trust myself with my decisions 

5. I did that so well 

6. I choose to have a positive outlook on life

7. I believe in my dreams and goals

8. My voice matters

9. I show up for myself everyday

10. There is something positive in every day

11. I can do anything I set my mind to

12. I am worthy of what I desire

13. My morals and values are important to me 

14. I believe I am safe and protected

15. You are living the life God gave you

16. I am a priority 

17. I appreciate my hardwork and success

18. I will be kind to myself 

19. I am deserving of abundance in my life

20. I am constantly learning and growing 

21. I believe in my skills and my abilities 

22. I am enough

23. I am an important person 

24. I am becoming the best version of myself 

25. I am able to try new things

26. I choose to trust Gods timing

27. I have the power to impact the world

28.I radiate confidence 

29. I have self respect 

30. Today I will accomplish what I set my mind to

31. Be grateful for all things because they work in your favor

32. I deserve good things 

33. I love who I am