A Simple New Years Eve Outfit | Curvy Style

Monday, December 26, 2022


new years eve is right around the corner and even though a lot of people are all dressed up in sequins and dresses I wanted to add something in there for my simple ladies who love a comfy look but still cute. I am obsessed with this teddy coat, I got it at the end of winter last year and its so soft and I love the oversized fit. I added some legging and boots because with eating and maybe a little drinking I would want to be as comfortable as possible and these thick heel boots are chic but not uncomfortable for standing or walking around. 


Holiday Gift Guide | Winter Season

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Is winter even winter without cute boots and stylish puffy jackets? The winter is probably my favorite months because where I live it doesn't get to cold, but it is cold enough to dress up with boots and coats. I tried to round up some super cute finds that were plus size friendly. The white boots go so perfectly with the dress and they are wide calf friendly.


Coach Bags Under $200 | Holiday Gift Guide

Monday, December 5, 2022



Holiday Gift Guide | For Her

Saturday, December 3, 2022


If you are struggling to figure out a gift, here are a few ideas that would serve as the perfect gift this year. 


Outfit Of The Day | Fall Curvy Style



Pants: The pants are from fashion nova. They have a lot of stretch for me so I could of sized down. 
Boots: Boots are from target. They are so comfortable and I love the fit
Top: The top came as a set. But I absolutely love the top more than the pants. 
Bag: The bag is steve madden but I got it at marshalls

* I linked some similar items below


Holiday Gift Guide | Skin & Body Care

Friday, December 2, 2022

Hello Everyone! It is finally December which means we are rolling out the gift guides to give your special someone a gift that they will love and enjoy or maybe you just want to pamper yourself. 

This gift guide is dedicated to the skin lover. Whether its body products, skin care tools or facials. I rounded up some amazing finds, as well as items I have used and have worked wonders for my skin. 


Outfit Inspo | Shop The Look | OOTD

Sunday, November 6, 2022


This puffer vest is my favorite purchase this fall. I wasn't expecting it to be this big but I actually love it and its so soft. I'm wearing a size XXL


5 Effective Ways To Resell Your Wardrobe

Thursday, October 20, 2022



Make sure your clothes are in excellent condition. one thing about reselling clothes you wat to sell the best version of your clothing. I wouldn't recommend selling anything with holes or flaws unless it is part of the overall style of the item. 


Find a platform that you trust. I use Poshmark and sometimes Mercari. They do have platform fees but honestly they aren't that much. These are the only platforms I've tried. I also know some other users sell on Depop and they have a great experience. 


Clean and steam your items. Nobody wants to buy dirty clothes or clothes that are wrinkled. I also wash, steam and them photograph my clothing. Once all of that is done I fold it the same way I'm going to ship it, so the item stay nice and neat. 


Take bright photos of all angles of the item. Take really clear and bright photos of your items and take photos at every angle to show the buyer exactly what they are getting.


Be as descriptive as possible in your listing. This is so important, to really describe your item. if it has a any flaws or scratches just simply note them in the listings. people understand honesty so always be upfront about what your selling. 

happy selling!


Fall Outfit Of The Day | Curvy Style

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

I linked some similar items below to recreate this look.


Fall Must Haves From Walmart

Monday, August 22, 2022


Ahh fall is here, well not officially but who cares. If you know me fall is my favorite season. I love the colors, the mood, the scents literally everything. But I like to go semi all out with decorations and now that I have a toddler I really want to do cute decor around the house he can see and share the joy with me. So I went online shopping at Walmart looking for things to add to my cart and I wanted to share those things with you. So if you are a fall decor lover like me or just like fall in general, maybe our houses can share in some of the fall magic.

Fall Pillows & pillow covers


I love a cute fall pillow to add to my couch or outdoor chairs. I thought this one is super cute. I've learned over the years pillow covers are everything. especially when you already have that size pillow, you can just change out the pillow covers for the seasons or holidays and save a good chunk of change.


Throw blanket


I cozy blanket is always an essential to add a cozy feeling to your home. I prefer neutral blankets because I like dressing my couch with decorative pillows.


White pumpkins


over the last few years the white pumpkins have been my favorite. The orange brown and white really add a pretty contrast when its all put together rather then having everything orange and brown.


2 in one cake stand / serving bowl


No only is this serving bowl beautiful it has has multiple functions and I'm all here for that. You can never go wrong with having white serving dishes.


Wood & glass cake stand


I saw this and absolutely wanted it. How cute would this look with homemade fall muffins or cookies or even Halloween treats on display.




I'm always changing out m doormats, so a fall door mat is an absolute must


Door Reef or Garland


I have a screen door outside my house and a pretty reef or garland looks so nice to dress it up during the holidays or seasons. I also love adding garland around my tv center or coffee table. It even looks pretty added with a table runner.


Mrs Meyers apple cider cleaning products


This scent is by far my favorite scent, It smells so good and can make any room smell like fresh cider donuts



Remaining Confident With Weight Gain & Weight Loss

Sunday, August 21, 2022


whether you have gained a little weight or lost a little weight. It's natural to sometimes feel a little self conscience but don't let it consume your day, your self worth or how you feel about yourself. Its just weight, it goes up it goes down it can change so much but your weight should not control how you move about life. 

you still have goals or desires and plans and honestly the world keeps revolving whether you complain about it or not. (just being honest) so I always say just get up and keep going and keep working at whatever it is you love or are passionate about. 

here are a few tips that I try

When it comes to clothes not fitting go find a few new pieces that still make you feel confident in your new body. Often times people get discouraged at what something use to be instead of enjoying your body at every stage and dressing your body for that time period in your life. sometimes people get new hair styles, you may change up your entire wardrobe if that's what you like. I feel like your weight is the same thing. It can change and accepting it and embracing it is the best option. 

Look at your body and really find something you just love about it and focus on that. If you love your waist or your legs or even your feet. find something about your body that you love more than the rest and dress or accentuate that part. A lot of feeling and being confident in your own body is loving your body and finding what you like to see yourself in. 

I just say move with the times, move with your body and celebrate it at every size. and when you are ready or want to change your body, then do it. on your own terms or when it feels right to you but Always Always celebrate yourself at every size and don't fall into the trap of shaming yourself for gaining or losing weight.

its your body and its your path in life, you have to walk nobody elses!
happy styling loves. 

Styling Boots In The Summer | OOTD

Tuesday, August 2, 2022


I honestly really love boots, they are my favorite pair of shoes. They are comfy and I just overall love the look. I know summer is really hot and uncomfortable but adding a tank top, shorts or a dress can make wearing boots in the summer not to bad. I absolutely limit my outside activity in the summer because in Arizona our heat is no joke. 

Pairing boots in the summer 

-crop tops

-tank tops

-comfy jeans

-cargo pants


-mini dress/midi dress

-biker shorts



Outfit Of The Day |

Tuesday, June 28, 2022


One thing I will say is that I'm obsessed with purses. They are probably my favorite accessory to buy. I also love finding matching shoes that compliment the purse.

 I found these shoes and purse at Marshalls and the color matches the shoes so well. Also The braiding on the shoes compliments the braided bag handles. I'll definitely try and link some similar or exact items in this post. I'm thinking this is the perfect outfit for brunch or a lunch date. Let me know where would you wear this look. 

Outfit Detail

The jeans are from fashion nova, they are the here for you flare jeans. I would give these an 7/10 only because I don't like the hem overtime and also I should of sized down for a more snug fit.

Happy Shopping!


Outfit Of The Day

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Top: Top is from marshalls . I like the overall fit of the top and the fabric. It is see through and if you wear a bra you will be able to see it. Jeans: These jeans are from fashion nova. They are a nice everyday jean. Shoes: Shoes are from marshalls Bag: Bag is from marshalls

Travel Outfit Of The Day

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Hello Friends, Happy Wednesday! Traveling is always so fun and exciting but finding a cute outfit can be hard. I live for comfort so I comfy pair of sweats and a tank with sneakers (because airport floors are disgusting) are always a go to. 

100% of the  time I'm traveling with my toddler and I need my hands to be hands free so a cross body bag or backpack is perfect for my personal items (cell phone, wallet, keys etc)

Outfit Of The Day | Sunday Brunch

Sunday, March 20, 2022


It's officially spring which means bring out all the floral and light colors. This style of shirt always makes me feel more feminine mostly because of the ruffles and the way it sits over the shoulder. 

As always my jeans are from fashion nova. The shoes are from Marshalls as well as the bag. If you know Marshalls and TJmaxx are my favorite stores to shop purses and shoes. I don't remember where the top is from but I will link some similar ones below. Happy Spring!



Tuesday, March 8, 2022

 Finally I am back on the blogging scene. I feel like it has been forever and a day and I've truly missed it. but we are here to talk fashion and how outfits fit so lets do that.

Quilted Sweatshirt

The sweater is so cute! I do with it was a tag bit longer. But overall it is very soft and such a cute style. 

Plaid Ankle Pants

I really liked these pants, I probably would size up in them because the thighs were a little snug for a size 16. i will say if you have hips they don't stay up very well. I was constantly pulling them up, But if you are going to an event and its going to be a lot of sitting. These would work well.

Braided Heels

I found these shoes at Marshalls and they are identical to the other brands that self this exact shoe. I love them. I will have similar ones to these linked as well. 

The bag is from Marshalls

Outfit Of The Day | Work Wear

Monday, January 3, 2022


 Look! a two piece set. They are so easy to style and really can be dressed down with sandals or sneakers or dressed up for work or a dinner party. 

This two piece set is from shein. I typically wear a 1X but the pants on these fit great but the top was a little to loose for my liking. 

Let me know where would you wear this look?

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