Styling Boots In The Summer | OOTD


I honestly really love boots, they are my favorite pair of shoes. If I could wear them all year i would! They are comfy and I just overall love the look. I know summer is really hot and uncomfortable but adding a tank top, shorts or a dress can make wearing boots in the summer not to bad. I absolutely limit my outside activity in the summer because in Arizona our heat is no joke. 

Tips On Pairing Boots In The Summer 

Crop Tops & Tank Tops

Pairing boots with a crop top will not only help in the summer heat but it also adds a dimension to an outfit. 

Short Sleeve Dress With High Boots

Not only is this such a cute look, I've seen it worn so many times and evey size looks great in it. 

Comfy Jeans

Shorts & Biker Shorts

Biker shorts and a cute boot can add an edgy look. 



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