Remaining Confident With Weight Gain & Weight Loss


Whether you have gained a little weight or lost a little weight. Weight gain and weight loss are a natural part of life. Our bodies go through changes when we are happy, sad, or stressed. It is like when you get into a new relationship or go off to college and you gain 15-20 pounds. Those things really happen and it’s okay. There is no need to stress about the things we can change or the things we can embrace. It is natural to sometimes feel a little self-conscience about your new body. But learning to embrace changes has been one of the things that has really taught me gratitude in life.

 A new change in your body should not consume your day, your self-worth or how you feel about yourself. It is just weight, and it is possible for it to go up and go down. I do know being confident is easier said than done.

One of the main things to focus on is how do you feel? Are you happy in your new body or do you want to change it? There is always room in your life to improve it or support it. I know people who have a really challenging time gaining weight and it is something that they really want. I also know people who struggle with weight loss and keeping weight off. Finding out how you feel is really going to help with the next steps in life and on this journey.

It is possible to become discouraged at what our body used to be instead of enjoying our bodies at every stage and dressing your body for that time in your life. We go through cycles in life, we change up our hair, we may get piercings and even change our clothing style. To me weight gain and weight loss are in that area of life. And you must move with confidence in that period of life.


You still have goals and desires and honestly the world keeps revolving whether you don’t like something about your body or whether you do like it. I always say just get up and keep going and keep looking good!


Here Are A Few Tips to Embrace Your New Body

Dressing Your Body with Confidence

When it comes to clothes that do not fit the way you want them to. Go shopping for clothing that makes you happy. Go into the store and try and clothes and make it exciting, because shopping should 100% be exciting. Find new styles that fit your new body and try something new.

Find The Things You Love About Your Body

Look at your body and really find something you just love about it and focus on that. If you love your waist or your legs or even your feet. find something about your body that you love more than the rest and dress or accentuate that part. Feeling and being confident in your own body is loving your body and finding what you like to see yourself in.

Go With the Flow

I just say move with the times, move with your body and celebrate it at every size. and when you are ready or want to change your body, then do it. on your own terms or when it feels right to you but always celebrate yourself at every size and do not fall into the trap of shaming yourself for gaining or losing weight. It is your body, and it is your path in life, nobody else’s!

Create A Plan

If you do want to change your body, I say produce a detailed plan on what you want and how you are going to get there. If you are planning to lose weight, you can go on a meal plan and workout. I you are trying to gain weight you can also go on a meal plan and work out to bulk.

Hope this helps anyone feel more confident in their body. This life is so important, and I want others to feel confidence in their bodies at whatever stage they are in.

happy styling loves.

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