Remaining Confident With Weight Gain & Weight Loss


whether you have gained a little weight or lost a little weight. It's natural to sometimes feel a little self conscience but don't let it consume your day, your self worth or how you feel about yourself. Its just weight, it goes up it goes down it can change so much but your weight should not control how you move about life. 

you still have goals or desires and plans and honestly the world keeps revolving whether you complain about it or not. (just being honest) so I always say just get up and keep going and keep working at whatever it is you love or are passionate about. 

here are a few tips that I try

When it comes to clothes not fitting go find a few new pieces that still make you feel confident in your new body. Often times people get discouraged at what something use to be instead of enjoying your body at every stage and dressing your body for that time period in your life. sometimes people get new hair styles, you may change up your entire wardrobe if that's what you like. I feel like your weight is the same thing. It can change and accepting it and embracing it is the best option. 

Look at your body and really find something you just love about it and focus on that. If you love your waist or your legs or even your feet. find something about your body that you love more than the rest and dress or accentuate that part. A lot of feeling and being confident in your own body is loving your body and finding what you like to see yourself in. 

I just say move with the times, move with your body and celebrate it at every size. and when you are ready or want to change your body, then do it. on your own terms or when it feels right to you but Always Always celebrate yourself at every size and don't fall into the trap of shaming yourself for gaining or losing weight.

its your body and its your path in life, you have to walk nobody elses!
happy styling loves. 

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