Outfit Of The Day | Sunday Brunch

Sunday, March 20, 2022


It's officially spring which means bring out all the floral and light colors. This style of shirt always makes me feel more feminine mostly because of the ruffles and the way it sits over the shoulder. 

As always my jeans are from fashion nova. The shoes are from Marshalls as well as the bag. If you know Marshalls and TJmaxx are my favorite stores to shop purses and shoes. I don't remember where the top is from but I will link some similar ones below. Happy Spring!



Tuesday, March 8, 2022

 Finally I am back on the blogging scene. I feel like it has been forever and a day and I've truly missed it. but we are here to talk fashion and how outfits fit so lets do that.

Quilted Sweatshirt

The sweater is so cute! I do with it was a tag bit longer. But overall it is very soft and such a cute style. 

Plaid Ankle Pants

I really liked these pants, I probably would size up in them because the thighs were a little snug for a size 16. i will say if you have hips they don't stay up very well. I was constantly pulling them up, But if you are going to an event and its going to be a lot of sitting. These would work well.

Braided Heels

I found these shoes at Marshalls and they are identical to the other brands that self this exact shoe. I love them. I will have similar ones to these linked as well. 

The bag is from Marshalls

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