Random Tips & Things The Girls Need To Know

There are so many random bits of information that women share amongst each other but not everyone gets the same memo or maybe you just need a refresher. Here are a few random tips and things girls should know. 

stay hydrated

always have an extra pair of underwear and a sweater in the car

silk pillow cases are the best 

don't try many products on your skin at one time introduce them slowly

always have some cash on you for emergency

always remember to exfoliate your body

be kind to everyone, it has its perks

don't share mascara or eyeliner

don't wear bras to bed 

always get your doctor check ups

don't forget to take a womens daily vitamin

if he cheats cut him off immediately no second chance

get enough sleep

appreciate the friends you make in this life

don't be a pick me and be mean to other girls in front of guys

get a daily workout in even if it's 20-30 minutes

deep condition your hair

take care of your feet and hands

have different size pads for sleeping while on your period

don't sleep with a tampon in

don't be a pushover, set boundaries

always keep your lips moisturized and exfoliated

always have extra hair ties, hand wipes, pain reliever and gum in your bag

wear what you want

avoid unnecessary drama

make sure you are always doing what feels right to you not others

set firm boundaries with family, friends and relationships

deodorant and body spray/deodorant are a must

fresh fruit and vegetables are always going to be better than junk and fast food

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