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I wrote a mini post on lemon8 about just being you and enjoying who you are without the opinions of others. So I wanted to bring that series to okitsmeena and have an entire series dedicated to girl talks and real talks.

 I want this to be a space where its positive and you enjoy reading about the things that most of us women go through in our lives.


So, if you have any girl talk topics let me know in the comments but I hope you guys enjoy this new series and I'm going to add a tab on the blog with other post kinds of related to girl talks.


Just be You.




I just recently turned 31 and I have come to realize over these past 31 years that you will 100% be more comfortable and confident when you are just yourself and you show up for yourself. Remove the ideas about others, remove things people may have told you. You really have to look into yourself and your life and say, "what do I want"? and after you visualize and really figure out what you want, and need. BE THAT PERSON! Be the person that you know you want to be and who you really are. 


It is the most freeing feeling to just show up as you. If you are worried about others, I want you to ask yourself this, if someone doesn't like the real you then why would you want them in your life? What benefit is it serving you or others to have them there?


 Always show up for yourself and do what is best for you. I kid you not, the things that make you amazing are the very things about you. Your special talents, your humor, your style, down to the little things, that is you! When you start meeting new people and just telling you learn that so many people are just unique in their own way. Everyone brings something to the table, but it is up to that individual to showcase who they are. 

I hope this can be a reminder to start the week off! To show up as you and be who you want to be.


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