the new app lemon 8 | have you checked it out?


I know what your thinking, not another app! Between Instagram threads and twitter changing to x lol. There has been a few changes in the social media world but I think lemon 8 is different.

It reminds me of when I first started blogging and people just posted what they wanted and whoever liked it, liked it. No pressure to constantly perform or constantly post, like on instagram and tiktok. To me it feels like a slower paced app with people sharing their lives, favorites and anything else that they find interesting. If  you like pinterest and instagram it's like a combination of both. 

I like how the app is filled with different creators. You have the aesthetic creators, food creators, non aesthetic creators, moms and honestly just people that like to post. It's like an app for everyone, with no expectation!

I've seen all kinds of post from thrifting, home styling and decorating, book recommendations and anything lifestyle related really. Now that I think about it, it's like a lifestyle app for people and creators to share. 

What I Like About It

-The Different Templates

I absolutely love this feature! it's fun to play around with different fonts and text styles. It adds a level of interest to a picture, which is really appealing for me.

- Easy To Navigate | App For Everyone

It's really a simple app to use for anyone. You have your following list your for you page and then your page where you can add photos and videos.

- Slower Paced App | Pleasant Scrolling Experience 

Maybe this is just how I see it, but this app doesn't feel like to much. Sometimes I get on tiktok and it just feels over stimulating at times but maybe because this app is majority photos it just gives a pleasant scrolling experience. 

-The Templates

The templates have to be my favorite part of the app. They really add more to a photo when you want to show case skin care, an outfit idea or part of your home. They have templates for everything and also you can customize your fonts and titles. 

-The Carousel Feature

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