Habits To Add To Your Night Time Routine

A good night routine can be a game changer to sleep better and have a better start to your morning. Little tasks at night can have a significant impact on your day-to-day routine. Small tasks are one of those things you do not notice the benefit of, until you consistently do it. Developing good habits will pay off over time, so it is important to stay consistent. These are some of the nighttime habits I have added into my routine that have helped a lot. 

Adjusting The Mood

Typically, at night I turn off all the large bright lights and only have small ambient lights on. Things like a salt lamp, multicolor LED lights and just soft lighting lamps. This helps my toddler understand its nighttime and time to relax and it also helps me begin to relax. All day we have bright lights on, at the store, work and even when we get home to do our daily tasks. Having the soft light really helps put me in a more relaxed nighttime mood. 

Allowing Wind Down Time & Time for Myself

Wind down time is allowing myself quiet time with no phones, to quiet my mind from the day. This can be reading a chapter in a book, listening to music with lowlights. Sometimes it’s honestly just sitting in silence. Typically, I do this when my toddler goes to sleep because if you’re a parent you know how noisy your day can be. I will even turn on the fireplace video on Netflix and just cozy up and have time to myself.

Gratitude Prompt or Journaling 

I like to journal at night, because I want to go to sleep with everything off my chest. I do not go to sleep without highlighting the highs of my day. This can be in a journal form, sticky notes, or keeping a log in your phone. Getting your accomplishments out of your head and out onto paper helps you see them visually. These can even be the lows of your day. I noticed if you get your thoughts out of your head, you will sleep better because it’s not constant thoughts flowing through your head at night.  Gratitude and acknowledgement are an important part of my night routine. 

Peppermint Tea or Honey Turmeric Chai Tea After Eating.

Peppermint tea is known for helping to aid in digestion, so having a hot cup of peppermint tea after dinner helps with bloating and just having easier digestion. And I  overall like the peppermint flavor after a savory dinner. The honey turmeric tea has also been a nice addition to my nighttime routine. 

Set A Timer on Your Apps

I have fallen victim to getting in bed and scrolling social media or just reading about different topics on my phone. One way I have tried to help myself from doing this is setting the timer on my apps. You can do this by going to settings on your iPhone, going to screen time then app limits and add what apps you want to have limits on. I currently have tik Tok and Instagram with 30-minute daily limits. If I have been on my app for that amount of time it will automatically close out. Now this feature does give you a warning and then you are able to ignore the warning if you choose. but typically, if it is at night and I am scrolling that is a sign for me to just go to bed. 

Set Phone Display Screen to Night Mode

In addition to setting a timer I also set my display screen to night mode and it’s easier on the eyes, but I’ve also found that it helped me not stay awake as long as I would when I normally use my phone. The night mode has a yellow undertone.

Clean The Kitchen/ Wash Dishes

I know this may sound weird, but I sleep better knowing I do not have a lingering chore I have to wake up to in the morning. So, making sure my kitchen is clean makes me feel 10 times better. If the entire kitchen is too much, I at least run the dishwasher just to make sure I have clean dishes and cups for the morning. This not only helps my night routine but also helps make my morning routine easier. 

Charge My Devices

For my morning routine to go a little smoother I always charge all my devices. This can be my tablet, phone, laptop. I want my mornings to run a little easier and when everything is charged and ready to use, it saves me time and a headache if I need to do something right away.

Tidy Your Bedroom

Falling asleep in a messy room bothers me. Even if I make sure my clothes are in the hamper and my nightstand and dresser and clutter free. It only takes 10 minutes to do a quick sweep of the room and you’re done. You do not realize how much you can get done in ten dedicated minutes to one activity. 

20-minute workout

I love a night workout. I know some people enjoy working out first thing in the morning and that feels amazing too. But a quick 20-minute cycling class in the afternoon helps me de- stress from the day. I typically just find a 20-minute peloton cycling class on the app and enjoy.  My two favorite cycling instructors are alex toussaint and camila ramon. Fun fact you don’t have to have a peloton bike to enjoy their classes. They also have other classes you can take such as running, yoga, strength training.

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