30 Things To Do During Your Social Media Break

Taking a break from being online is one of the most refreshing things to do! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being online, especially if it is your job. I will say it is healthy for your mental to go outside and touch some grass lol. Take a mental break and do things just for you without having to share it with the internet. I know we are in a generation where we post our entire lives online but with that comes a lack of privacy and just an overall lack of the "real world".

 I always suggest taking time away from social media or doing activities that you don't have to post about. It's okay! trust me your not missing anything. 

I gathered 30 things that I find to be really fun and I also added some things I haven't tried yet. but trust me getting away and doing fun activities and learning new skills and especially traveling will make social media 10x more fun when you return. 

1 start or finish a book

2 go hiking

3 go on a picnic

4 go to the zoo 

--Going to the zoo or aquarium is one of those things I will never get tired of even though im an adult. There is just something about watching and learning about different animals that speaks to my inner child.

5 plant some flowers

6 attend a paint and sip class

7 workout / go to the gym

8 go to the science center or museum 

9 bake something

10 organize your house

11 go on a road trip

12 visit a farmers market

13 try yoga or pilates 

14 throw a party/ gathering 

15 take a trip/ vacation 

16 go play golf or tennis

17 create a scrapbook

18 learn a new skill (sewing, calligraphy, working on a car etc)

--Calligraphy has been a new hobby/skill of mine and it has been so fun. I love to write so learning how to have fun doing creative lettering is exciting to me!

19 go swimming 

20 go wine tasting

21 spend time getting self care treatments (massages, facials, nails, hair etc)

22 go on a bike ride

23 visit family and friends

24 learn how to cook a recipe

25 visit a farm

26 take yourself on a date

--Dating yourself is so underrated and I'm going to make an entire post about this but honestly take yourself on dates whether it's to the movies, or going out to eat, especially buying yourself gifts. Do It!

27 deep clean your house and car

28 create a spotify playlist

29 watch an educational documentary 

30 create a bucket list of goals and dreams

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