Creator Burnout, What Happens + Tips To Recover

Have you ever heard of hobby burnout or creator burnout? I have and yes! it can happen. one day you realize the hobby or the things you love doing the most, you just don't want to do it. It honestly feels like dragging yourself to do a chore. I absolutely love what I do and the community that has been created, so when I experienced it, it felt even more exhausting loving something, but not wanting to get up and do it.

 What Is A Hobby?

A hobby is supposed to be that one thing in your life that you do in your leisure time that's fun, and where you get to be creative. It felt like the balance of my hobby being a fun and creative outlet felt more like a daily chore and something that had deadlines that had to be met. It didn't feel like fun and something you share with a community with other people who enjoy your hobby as well.


We are in the age of social media where constantly pumping out content is like the norm and feels like you’re a human machine. There is a way to balance your hobby and what you enjoy doing without getting caught up in social media, influencer, constant content creator life. When I originally started blogging it was fun and enjoyable but over the course of the past year it has felt draining and honestly like a chore to pump out content daily. Trust me I get it all of these platforms have changed and life is just moving fast every day, but I honestly miss the times when you looked forward to a creator posting instead of having 24 access to people’s lives and stories and so much information all the time and It really can cause a burnout and just an overall lack of creative space.


and ugh who wants to create when you’re not in a creative space and enjoying it. I know people always say make your hobby or the things you enjoy your job but what happens when it is your job and then you get burned out. I recently read an article on the daily campus, and I’ll tag it here talking about how leisure activities becoming work can be more harm than good.


To sum it all up...

 hobby burnout is mentally exhausting and sometimes you may just have to let it run its course or pick up a new hobby or push through it. I probably wouldn't recommend just pushing through it because the content you create will not be your best work and may cause you to be even more burned out. If you’re reading this and you got to the end thank you so much and I hope this resonates with you and you can take something from it. I am feeling much better in my creative space which is why I can write this blog post today. So, cheers to a new year and slowing our lives down to prevent hobby burnout.


Here Are Some Tips to Help




1. set aside time every day to do nothing (rest & sit)

We can forget our bodies need a break sometimes. It’s best to set aside time even for 10-20 minutes to do nothing and let your body relax. These times can be used to meditate or focused breathing.

2. Set healthy and realistic boundaries for work and personal life.

3. Stay hydrated and have a good sleep routine.

4. incorporate some form of exercise or movement into your day.

5. try something NEW!

6. talk to a therapist

7. take vacations and use your mental health days

8. change your work environment!

If you work from home, try trying your environment around or working at a park or coffee shop. Sometimes changing your location can spark a new idea.

9. start your day with your intentions and goals to stay on track.

10. develop your life outside of your job and social media.

This one is a big one! Make connections, go on trips do things you would normally do but experience life!

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