8 Things That Changed My Life In A Positive Way

1. This Is Your Life! Embrace It

This is your life, this is your path. Every person in society is literally the main character of their story. Every person, including yourself are choosing a path that works for you. When someone passes, their life is talked about in the first person and everyone else is a supporting actor in their story. Once you realize that, NOBODY can stop you from completing your goals or visions or making you feel a ways about the life you chose. It's yours! Just make sure your okay with what your choosing.

2. Being Productive Over Complaining

I'm definitely not saying you cant be upset sometimes or frustrated or even have a complaint about life, but having an overall complaining spirit is draining and unproductive. You will feel 100 times better trying the things you have always wanted to try. Coming up with a plan and executing that plan is going to be more productive in your life than complaining. 

3. Embrace Being An Individual

We all have those unique characteristics about us that make us who we are. Embracing those qualities about yourself is what makes you interesting. There is no blueprint for the perfect person, or a blueprint for how your suppose to be. That would be boring and repetitive, and the world would not be interesting. Every time you meet someone, they are an entirely different person. Even if you share similar qualities, you both are unique individuals. Embrace your uniqueness in whatever it is.

4. Being Okay With Goodbyes And Saying Hello

Sometimes new experiences require you to say goodbye to the old things in your life, and saying goodbye isn't always a bad thing. Saying goodbye is making room for growth for the next chapter and though sometimes it may feel tough, it will always work out for your greater good in the end. Don't be afraid of goodbyes whether its a job position, friendship or relationship. It's just making room for the hello. 

5. Commit To Your Goals Even If You Get Off Track

It's always a possibility to get off track with your goals but that doesn't mean you can never revisit them and pick up where you left off. Staying consistent with any goal you have is the most important part, but if you so happen to get off track, just continue and always go forward. 

6. Swap Unhealthy Habits With Good Habits

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7. Learn From Every Mistake And Use It To Better Yourself, Not Judge Yourself

Mistakes do not make you a bad person. If you allow mistakes to be what there intended to be, they actually help you later on in life. A mistake is like a living example of why that answer on the test was wrong. Moving forward as you go through life you have a little more of an advantage because you know there is a better answer. You are here on earth living life to learn and grow, so do that. 

8. You Will Never Have Every Box Checked Off In Your Life And That's Normal

Realizing that life doesn't have to happen as quick as everyone makes it seem. You don't have to rush and get things off your checklist in order to be happy and productive in life. You live life at your own pace and when things feel right for you. Remember this is your life and your journey, and you make the rules. There will always be something you are working towards or things you want to accomplish, and that's the exciting part.

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