HAPPY MOTIVATION MONDAY everyone! Hopefully you woke up this morning with a refreshed mind and attitude, ready to conquer the day. Lets talk about clothing that motivates us. I'm all about finding pieces and clothing that makes you feel and look your best. 

-------Have you ever put on that favorite thing you love to wear and your entire mood changes. You suddenly feel like a boss and can do anything.  Well that's clothes and fashion giving you that confidence you need to go out there and achieve your goals. What sometimes happens is we see outfits online and clothes and we try to become what we see. But really clothes are all about what makes you confident. 

So! I love recreating outfits that suit me and also what makes me confident. So sometimes I see a really cute outfit but I'm may not like the shorts so I'll swap out the shorts for some really comfy jeans that are still flattering to my curves. Fashion or anything is really about taking an outfit or an idea and making it your own so that you feel confident and motivated.

I've found myself in the past trying to do exact styles I saw and literally never wearing the clothes or items I bought. I love a cute pair of heels. but I'm mostly going to lean towards heels that are more boots style than really tall 4" heels. Find what makes you feel more comfortable and when your comfortable your more prone to be motivated to do things. 

Never feel like if you see an outfit you have to create that exact outfit even if its not your style. Maybe pick a few things you like and tweak it and make it your own. 

Have Fun and Happy Shopping!

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