With February here and a lot of talk about love, I wanted to shine a light and focus on self love. We are always taught and talking about love for others and love for our family, friends, spouse but what about us. We deserve to love and appreciate ourselves, because In all honesty no one is going to love and care for us like ourselves. So during the month of February, well for the first 14 days I want to talk about self love, self confidence, and simply falling back in love with ourselves or just loving our selves in general. Before we can love anyone else we must love ourselves and that Is a very true statement. I will be posting a post every day for the first 14 days geared towards self love and fun challenges we can do. 

Today I want to ask you, what is self love to you? 

To me self love is looking in the mirror at yourself and saying I love you and meaning it and taking those steps to show yourself you love you and knowing that you deserve it. A huge part of self love is knowing who you are, the things you like, your morals, your standards, your values. Its having an understanding of who you are and loving every bit of it.

I've seen a lot of times women feeling so undeserving of love from themselves, criticizing their hair, or skin or personality. Look! we are born into theses bodies and we have to love every part and inch of it. The outside world and people with hate in their heart will try and tear your love for yourself down and make you feel underserving of it. But that is never ever the case. 



--> For this months challenge or whenever you are reading this I want you ( I will also be doing this also) to shine light on yourself, when you wake up in the morning tell yourself your beautiful, compliment your outfit, take off your makeup and look at your face, talk to yourself about the things you love and the things you enjoy doing. This month is all about you and embracing your self.    

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