Lets talk about goals and how important they are! Goals are so important for us to stay on track with where we want our lives to be. Goals can be short term as in like a few weeks or they can be, long term like a 5 year plan. How ever you spin it SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF. 2020 maybe have been a rough year for some or it may have been a great year for you. But lets kick off 2021 with some solid goals and planning. 

I want to show you how I plan my goals and how I'm planning on staying focused, even through all the distractions that may come up. 

The first thing I do, is I set categories for my goals. That way I'm really zoning in on what I want to accomplish. 



--Your health and wellness category is a focus on food, habits, or weight loss goals, or weight gain goals, maybe you have a few exercises you want to introduce. 

--Your work category is anything dealing with you job or career. Maybe you want to get a promotion or you want to gain more experiences in your field

--Your personal category is just that, personal. You may have a goal of owning a home or buying a car or getting a new wardrobe. something like that.

--Your Financial category is for saving money, or paying of debt, anything related to your finances 

--Your business goal if for anyone has has or wants to start a business. Maybe you want to sell on Etsy or start a candle business or maybe you want to write out steps to how your going to start your business and get a business pan going. 

--Your Family | Relationship Category can be anything from maybe you want to visit grandparents more or you want to take your children on mini dates or maybe you want to get married one day. Any relationship goal that fits your life. 

After you set your goals make those strides everyday to achieve them. We all know nothing happens overnight some work has to be put into your life to make it what you want. So if that means maybe you have a goal of a better sleep pattern that may start with going to sleep early and setting an alarm and the main part FOLLOWING THROUGH.
You can set every goal under the sun, but following through is going to be the key factor to making sure you goals are met.

Staying focused on your goals can be challenging at times. If you have a goal of getting a better credit score that comes with financial discipline and maybe not getting those new shoes or purse or what have you. But always put your goal first! Before you make an impulse decision just say I'm making this decision to have a better financial future. Now this is easier said then done. But you can do! 

Just think this time next year you can look at some of your goals and say "hey I did I, I accomplished them" So lets keep pushing through and make 2021 our best year yet.

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