A lot of us may have heard of a love language but if you have not the 5 languages is actually a book written by Gary chapman and he identifies that people have 5 ways they show and receive love, and by identifying these love languages we can in return have a better understanding our ourselves and our partners and our families. And ultimately have a better relationship. You may of even been asked "what's your love language ?" 

Finding out your love language is a great way to see 1. Identify how you show love? and 2. how you like to receive love. For 14 days of self love knowing your love language is a part of that. The more you know about yourself the more you can give those love languages to your own self. If you enjoy gifts, buy yourself some gifts. If you enjoy enjoy acts of service do acts of service for yourself. If you enjoy words of affirmation give those words to yourself.  The same way you would want someone to give you those things DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Sometimes we are always expecting others to do what we love for us when we can do it for ourselves. This has been really fun for me figuring out what my love languages are and applying them to myself . So try it for yourself. He has multiple quizzes to help you identify yours. 

Types Of Quizzes

1. Couples Quiz
2. Singles Quiz
3. Teen Quiz
4. Children's Quiz

The 5 Love Languages

1.Quality Time
2. Giving Gifts
3.Acts Of Service
4. Words Of Affirmation
5.Physical Touch 


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