Finding Jeans To Fit Your Curves


So I know I'm not the only one who has hips, and a bottom. Sometimes its a little difficult to find the right jeans or pants for your body. Luckily so many brands now a days are starting to cater more and more to the curvy girls. I remember being in high school and finding jeans at JCPenny because every time I would go to another store they literally fit horrible. Or if they were my size they made my mid section look really sloppy because the waist was to big. I'm gonna share with you how I shop for jeans and what brands I've found to have the best fit of jeans for my body type.

The first thing I look at when picking the right pair of jeans for me is...


Are the jeans, high waisted, low rise, boyfriend fit. Finding the right cut is important. I know I don't look very good in boyfriend jeans unless the waist is a little more fitting. So I highly suggest finding a cut that you like and that flatters your areas. Remember every body style is different even if it is curvy.



I love a dark wash jean. They make me feel more slimmer, they kind of have the same effect as when you wear dark colored clothes. But I also love a nice light wash jean or even white. So find what colors your love and go for those. 


I like to jeans to have a little stretch in them. But I DON'T want jeggings. So I always check the label to see what blend they have. 


I typically shop at 2 stores for my jeans. Target and Fashion Nova, they have the best selection of jeans for me and my body type and I haven't been more happy. 

With target I usually try the jeans on but they have labels that say curvy fit, slim, fit and the curvy fit. Is really nice. 

With fashion nova with it being an online retail shop it is a little more work because I look at the model and also the fabric of clothing to make sure it will fit me nicely. They have a size guide and for me it has been true to size so that really helps. 

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