If Your Feeling Overwhelmed Try These Tips


We all have those moments where it feels like life is coming down on us strong and our days seem to be so overwhelming, and we just need that little peace to keep going for the day or to relax at night. Here are a few simple tips that can take some of the edge off and calm your mind to be able to recoup.

Drink Water!

You can be dehydrated and not even know it, but it can come out in the way we act or feel. When your body does not have enough water, it can affect your emotions and can cause your body to not run effectively. The same way your car needs gas and oil to function is the same way your body needs water to think clearly and run properly. So, try drinking a few glasses of water to start and see how you feel. 

Take A Shower Or Wash Your Face

Getting in the shower and letting the hot steam open your pores and relaxing can really be great for when you’re feeling overwhelmed. The sound of the running water is really calming and sometimes a shower is more relaxing than a bath. You can even add a shower chair in the shower if you just want to soak up that steam and take a long peaceful shower. 

Go Relax In The Sun | Take A Few Breaths

Try not to think about anything, just sit in the sun or outside and enjoy the sights of nature. You’ll notice how quiet and serene nature is and how it naturally has a calming feeling. Have you even bee outside early in the morning and drunk some tea and really enjoyed hearing the birds and just pure bliss. A few minutes of mindless peace really can give your mind a break from the stress you’re dealing with.

Drink Hot Tea Or Iced Tea

I love good hot tea whether that is chamomile or a stress relief blend. Something about a warm drink and some lemon really helps calm me down if I’m having a stressful day or moment. Here are a few of my favorites right now and I also love peppermint tea and rosehip and hibiscus.

Use A Stress Ball, Playdough Or Fidget Toys

If you’re someone that needs to relieve stress, having a stress ball or playdough with you can help relieve some of that tension. In a recent class I was taking they were talking about the benefits of having playdough or small fidget toys near you that help relieve stress or anxiety. 

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