Feeling In A Funk? Here Are 12 Things To Remember

Feeling in a funk sucks, and sometimes it may feel like its going to last forever! But I'm here to tell you that it doesn't last forever and sometimes we need a few reminders to help our brains get energized and refocused. Being in a funk doesn't mean that you haven't made any progress to your goals. Being in a funk can simply mean you are drained with your energy and need a little pick me up or maybe you just had a bad day. Keeping positive reminders reminders around you can help doing those times. 

1.  The past is the past, it can't be changed but you can ALWAYS build off of it, and make a better tomorrow.

2. Everyone's journey is different, but your journey makes it special and unique. Your journey is only for you, and it may look different from everyone else. 

3. Kindness is free, but kindness does not equal being oblivious to truth.

4. You only fail if you stop trying, and if you fail in one area, it is just proof you can succeed in another.

5. Happiness is not found in any one but yourself, so make yourself happy first.

6. Positive thoughts create positive things and outcomes.

7. It's okay to not feel okay, emotions are a normal part of being a human. Joy, anger, happiness, sadness, being content etc. are all apart of being human.

8. Don't spend another year doing the same thing. Grow, learn and push yourself!

9. Stop caring about what others feel, let them live with those emotions and perceptions of you. 

10. You can start any day and anytime! You don't have to start at the being of the month or at a certain time of the year.

11. Mindset, habits and routines are the building blocks to reaching your goals and be productive. Even when you don't feel like keeping a routine or being consistent keep working at it. 

12. You should be proud of yourself! Any step forward in the right direction is still progress not matter how big or small. 

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