2022 Wrap Up | Favorite TV Shows, Fashion And Beauty

I know, I know, I finally got around to writing my 2022 wrap up and favorites (even though is February). As 2022 has come to an end I wanted to talk about my favorites of the year and just things I honestly loved and still do. This year was filled with so much, just like every year so Its always fun to look back on what you actually loved and enjoyed and some highlights. 


(I realized after writing all of these that they are all on hulu lol)

abbott elementary 

who doesn't love this show. I use to be a pre kindergarten teacher so shows about school life are already up my alley. and to top it off the cast are so funny and corky. let me know who is your favorite character? I don't have one, I think they all play such goods parts in the show its hard to choose.

how I met your father

If you liked the show how I met your mother then you will probably like how I met your father. The cast and the story line is so good and keeps you engaged and is very relatable to the present time. Also one of my favorite childhood actresses Hilary duff is staring in it, so its a must watch.  


younger is about a mom who pretends to a young millennial working in publishing. its definitely a must watch it you like feel good shows, its funny how no one knows she's older but she's trying to blend in.

trophy wife

I'm so mad this only had 1 season because I thought it was really good but still a good watch. This is a very feel good family life kind of show. it stars Cameron Diaz and she marries a two times divorcee dad and the season follows her navigating life married to an older man with kids and his two ex-wives.

being erica

I've never heard of this show, it actually came out years ago, but I stumbled upon it one day when I was bored looking for a new series to binge watch and was hooked ever since. The story line take place in Canada so that already was interesting. Erica gets a chance to go back in her life and change things and the story follows her life after things have been changed. Its funny and keeps your attention. I pretty much binged watched it because I had to see what happened every episode. 


Olipop Drinks

These are so good! I love getting them when I get sushi at sprouts because sometimes I have a taste for a soda and these are just a sparkling tonic but they have so much flavor. When I first tired them I was shocked and then hooked ever since. my go to flavors are strawberry vanilla or classic root beer. Side Note: The colder the drink the better.

Chobani vanilla oat milk

This vanilla oat milk taste so good and I've tried a few that I really didn't like, they actually had a horrible taste or after taste but I love this Chobani one and will stand by it 100 percent. I also put it in my green smoothies and smoothie bowls. absolutely amazing!

Chobani coffee creamer 

The best coffee creamer, even in the plant based version. They are both so good, sweet and flavorful. I've only tried the hazelnut flavor but I'm definitely going to try other flavors this year because its the only coffee creamer I use. 

Health Aid Kombucha 

I've tried all the flavors of the health aid kombucha and tropical punch and watermelon are my favorite. 

Alani Nu Energy Drinks 

I'm not an energy drink person really. I'm more of a coffee drinker or tea, but these from Alani Nu are so tasty and don't give me the jitters. I don't drink these often maybe once in a while but they are tasty. I prefer the cherry slush, cosmic stardust and mimosa

Smoothie bowls

The thicker the better in my opinion. my go to is frozen strawberries, bananas, and mango with vanilla oat milk sometimes pineapple juice (from trader joes). Then I add whatever fruit I have that week on top as well as some granola with drizzled honey and I'm in smoothie bowl heaven. Sometimes I add hemp seeds and chia seeds on top as well. I recently just stocked these so I can start adding them to my bowls again. 

Stok iced coffee 

If your looking for a smooth iced coffee, this is the one. It's flavorful but not to strong and they have different strengths but overall my favorite iced coffee. just add the Chobani creamer. chefs kiss!

Charcuterie boards or should I say grazing boards/ Cheese Boards

Some people say charcuterie boards and then I go on TikTok and hear them called grazing boards. Either way I love making them and eating them. its like a way to try different cheeses and meats and fruits and whatever you put on the board really. 


Cera Ve Hydrating Facial Cleanser
Cera Ve Renewing SA Cleanser
Cera ve Moisturizer

This face wash has completely changed my skin. I've been trying to be more gentle with what I use on my skin, so that I don't dry it out. I don't have issue with acne. My issue was always hydration and texture. Really being gentle on my skin this year has been worth these products and obviously adding a tone more water into my diet.

La Roche Posay Redermic R Anti-Aging Concentrate Face Cream with Retinol

I have also been using this face cream at night and I have seen such an improvement with my skins softness and texture. 

Good Molecules Discoloration Correcting Serum 
I was actually sent this by good molecules and I really like using this serum in my night time routine. Its very light weight and you can use it at night or in the morning before your moisturizer. 


Surprisingly I don't have many specific things to write about in my favorites for fashion because I usually talk about them a lot throughout the year and on my Instagram but I love these cargo pants, and most of my other favorites are linked on my like to know it. 

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