I've been wanting to do an outfit recreation for a long time! This was like the perfect outfit for me to do it. Especially since I love a causal everyday look. 

SHIRT: The shirt was a must! It's just a simple Thrasher Magazine T-Shirt from Zumiez.

LEGGINGS: I love a comfy pair of leggings that have a nice hold but also are super cute! I've talked about these leggings before and they are just the best and very affordable. 

JEWLERY: I've been trying to incorporate more jewelry in my outfits, I just have to find the right pieces because I don't like big chunky jewelry or really anything hanging. So this simple 3 chain necklace is so cute and a great deal. 

NIKE SHOES AND HAT: Of course Nikes are always a favorite of mine! Whether is a hat or some shoes. She was wearing pumas in the picture but I had to add my own take. 


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