I think we all have to find that one thing in life that works for us. For me, I feel overwhelmed and stressed when I have to many unnecessary things. By things, I mean that could be tasks to complete, physical objects, or even people. 

At a certain point you have to ask yourself. Do I Need This? and How Is This Benefiting Me?


I've asked myself this questions plenty of times when it comes to decisions in life or even things I want to get rid of. I only want to keep things that are of value and make me better or just happy. I use to have tons of notebooks. Some notebooks I never even wrote in. Fun fact at one point my blog was called "The Notebook Nut" because literally that's what I was. I was keeping things that I never used. And sure I can always use notebooks to write in but It started to become more of a, I'm going to collect these. Then I had to ask myself, well why?



Why am I keeping these notebooks? What are they doing? Are they useful? or are they just taking up space. If I'm not going to use them why have them. Ever since I gave those notebooks away and really thought about it I realized I feel more at peace and less stressed when I only have things that I need. I'm not constantly trying to find a place for something that doesn't fit.


I started applying that same logic to everything. I wanted to make sure everything I did was for a reason and that it could add value and peace to my life. When I decided that I wanted to move up in my career I started taking the appropriate steps. Steps that would lead me to where I wanted to be. And I'm definitely not saying that life has to be calculated, but by taking away things I didn't need I was able to explore the things I always wanted and needed.



This easiest way to start to de-clutter is to begin in a place where you spend the most time. I love my office/studio, so I started there. I got rid of unused items and labeled everything, so that I knew what I had, had a place. Cleaning up your space can really change how you start your day or even how you view life.


I say find an area in your life where you want to de-clutter and just get rid of anything that is a stressor or causes you to not live to your full potential.

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