I love a nice and cozy lounge wear set. Honestly lounge wear is probably my favorite. One clothing line that always seems to have lounge wear is fashion nova. I usually get jeans from them because they fit your curves nicely and they have great styles. 

I recently bought this 2 piece set that I'm going to be using as at home lounge wear but you can definitely wear it out if that is your preference. When I do clothing reviews like this or any in the future I'm going to break it down by QUALITY, FIT & COMFORT.

This particular piece has a soft and stretchy polyester and rayon fabric. The top definitely keeps me warm in the house. So the outside is a more fuzzy material and the inside is more smooth, so It's not scratchy on your skin. Its not see through which I love. Sometimes you buy things and you can see through the fabric but this is tightly pulled and thick.

I love the oversized fit for lounge wear, but if you want a more fitted look you can definitely get a smaller size so it fits snug. I love that the top is loose and the shorts are still flattering to my legs and butt but not tight and uncomfortable. I will say the wait is looser than I expected and I wish the band was thicker but its still a nice fit.

Comfort is definitely great. I do get a little warm in the top but I would rather get warm then still feel a breeze blowing up my sleeves. I can literally just put this on with some cozy socks and lounge all day. 


Gray Biker Short Set

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