I recently saw this quote and it really got me to start thinking about life. Every day we wake up is really another chance for us to do better, be better and overall enhance the person we already are. It's so easy to get lost in our every day hustle of life. Whether that's family, children. work life. At the end of the day the only person we truly go to sleep with is ourselves, and every time we wake up it is with ourselves first.

A fresh start can be anything, maybe you had a bad day well guess what today is a new day and that problem or issue was yesterday or in the past. You can handle the issue and then move on. Often times we bring old into our new or we dwell on the old or what could of happen. In all reality when you wake up the next day. That's God giving you a new start to make better decisions and better you life in many ways.

Sometimes we need a realization that we are in control of our lives and our decisions but we also have a guide with us all the time. I have found that waking up every morning feeling thankful that you can see another sunrise or another sunset or that you can still make changes or decisions in your life is the most wonderful thing you can ask for.

So even though at times we all get overwhelmed or frustrated or just down. When you get to open your eyes in the morning and see a new day and a new time that's for you to continue on your path in life and continue to do great things but to also be a better person, a kinder person a more helpful person.

I hope this helps anyone one out there. I know seeing this quote has really made me think about life and how we are all grateful no matter what situation you are in to always start your day with a fresh start and a new perspective.

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