I know most of us work or go to school, so making time for our passions can be a challenge. I often will spend my entire weekend thinking of ideas and taking pictures or retaking pictures etc. But that's the only time I can get in during the week for pictures. I work a full time job and I'm constantly busy with that. 

I love spending my weekends being creative! Writing and taking fun pictures (I say fun pictures because I'm no photographer.) is such a fun passion/hobby/ whatever you want to call it.

I do have a few tips that could help you have more time to work on your passion.

1. Make set times during the work work just for you and your passion. That could be during your lunch break, or after work. Just setting aside time throughout the day will help. It can be as small as 30 minute increments but just work on something.

2. Set a weekly goal of the things you want to work on. That way at the beginning of the week you know exactly what things you want to work on.

3. Late nights! Yes i said it, sometimes there isn't enough time in  day so late nights are it. If you have a passion or goal definitely putting in that extra time will eventually pay off.

4. If it fits you financially, get a part time job with flexible hours. It leaves you more time to work on your craft but also allows you the flexibility to work mornings, nights, or weekends.


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